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Agendas: Open Digital Standards – 25th Anniversary

Tuesday 26th October 2021 – London
1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m

(All times are BST)

The Open Group 25th Anniversary Event – London, UK

1:30 – 1:40

Steve Nunn, CEO, The Open Group
1:40 – 2:05

YOUR BUSINESS IS A MESH - Open standards still pave the way for boundaryless business

Abstract: The concept of ‘boundaryless information flow’ seems almost as old as The Open Group itself. But it’s more relevant than ever, now that every Business is a Technology Business and concepts such as ‘mesh’, ‘edge’ and ‘autonomous’ no longer just pertain to technology, but are at the core of a next generation of business models and scenarios. Let’s therefore remove the boundaries of ‘boundaryless’ and see how deep that digital rabbit hole goes. 

Ron Tolido, Executive Vice President, CTO, Master Architect, Capgemini Insights & Data

2:05 – 2:40

The Value of Certification

Abstract: Certification is a key component of how the value of a standard is brought to the market. At The Open Group we have a wide variety of certification programs tailored to the nature of the standards, be they for products, processes, people. This presentation will cover how The Open Group goes about certification and how it delivers the intended value to our members and the wider market.

James de Raeve, Vice President, The Open Group

2:40 – 3:05

The Global Role of the Association of Enterprise Architects

Abstract: The Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA) provides its members with the credibility, recognition, and benefits of international community of professionals. The market for talented EA's is thriving and this presentation will discuss looking ahead at how the AEA helps advance professional excellence of its members and raise the status of Enterprise Architecture.

Chris FordeCEO the Association of Enterprise Architects, The Open Group

3:05 – 3:15



25 Years of Making Standards Work ®

3:15 – 3:40

TOGAF® The Past, Present & Future of Enterprise Architecture - A Personal Practitioner's Perspective

Abstract: In this session, Paul will look back at his experiences and observations around TOGAF®, how he has used it over the years, and what he has seen change.  Sharing some stories and anecdotes, a blend of light-hearted perspectives on what he thinks worked well and what he could've done better himself perhaps with TOGAF, some observations on what is happening today with TOGAF and some thinking about what he perceives the role of TOGAF is in the future. A little reminiscing, a smattering of nostalgia, blended with some hopefully useful lessons and thoughts as to where we are going. 

Paul Homan, Distinguished Engineer, CTO Industrial, IBM Services

3:40 – 4:00

Leveraging TOGAF® to drive Service Orientation in Air Traffic Management

Abstract: Over the last few decades organisations across the globe and across industries have increasingly embraced a shift towards talking about services instead of systems – mostly by changing job titles and the names of departments. Genuine change is a lot harder and takes a lot longer. NATS is the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services, and in recent years has been using TOGAF to help define a wider understanding of what service orientation really means, both internally and with its partners – in particular the need to recognise the difference between services at the business architecture layer, and those at the Information Systems and Technology layers. This session will present a brief summary of this journey and some of the lessons learned.

Dan Meadows, Head of Enterprise Architecture & Requirements, National Air Traffic Services

4:00 – 4:25

ArchiMate® Myths & Facts: Common misconceptions about ArchiMate (and why your execs should care)

Abstract: Despite having being available for a long time and being used by thousands of practitioners, some myths still persist and keep people away from ArchiMate. In this presentation, we will go through the most common misconceptions about ArchiMate and we will address them one by one. We will also present some of the key benefits and values that ArchiMate offers to non architects.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie, Enterprise Architect at BNP Paribas, Chair of The Open Group ArchiMate Forum

4:25 – 4:50

Open Footprint™ – Sustainability Data and Transparency

Abstract: Considering the new EU Green Deal for which legislative processes are in motion, Open Footprint Forum (OFP) experts will discuss why there is a business imperative to address the regulatory pressures and align standards to drive towards greater transparency and accuracy (from estimated to measured) additionally with an overview of why both transparency and accuracy are driving compelling use cases for adoption of digital technologies.

Sumouli Bhattacharjee, Partner - Digital Services, ERM
Sammy Lakshmanan, Principal, Environmental Social and Governance, PwC
Heidi Karlsson, Director, Open Footprint Forum, The Open Group

4:50 – 5:00

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