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Steve Nunn is President and CEO of The Open Group – a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through technology standards. He is also President of the Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA). Steve joined The Open Group in 1993, spending the majority of his time as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel. He was also CEO of the AEA from 2010 until 2015. Steve is a lawyer by training, has an L.L.B. (Hons) in Law with French and retains a current legal practicing certificate. Having spent most of his life in the UK, Steve has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2007. He enjoys spending time with his family, walking, playing golf, 80’s music, and is a lifelong West Ham United fan.

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Sumouli Bhattacharjee is a Partner in Digital Services at ERM, the largest pure sustainability consulting organization in the world. He has more than 17 years of experience working on business and digital transformations, supply chain transformation and sustainability. He has worked extensively on developing digital strategy, deployment and operationalization of digital transformation initiatives to support clients’ sustainability goals and performance. Sumouli has worked across all major industry sectors (e.g., oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and retail, telecom, finance and banking, food & beverage, energy, technology, and mining) developing and implementing digital strategies that address his clients’ most pressing challenges of low carbon economy transition, business resilience and increasingly the disclosure of material ESG issues and value-creation opportunities with their investments. Sumouli has helped organizations with innovative solutions to meet common sustainability objectives while facilitating discussions between leading companies and experts around the world in their journey to integrate sustainability with operations in order to make material impact on climate change.
Sumouli has MBA in Operations and Systems, Economics, and Finance, B.Sc. in Physics. He also studied Environmental Science.  

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James de Raeve is Vice President and manages the development of our Skills and Experience based certification program, Open professions. He also supports our team in India who are responsible for developing our membership and helping organizations in India understand the benefits of using Open Group standards.
Since joining the company in 1989, James has been closely involved with all of the certification and testing activities of The Open Group and its predecessor X/Open, as well as the programs developed for other consortia.
Before joining The Open Group, James worked in business development and technical roles in protocol testing and telecommunications. He holds an MSc in Digital Systems and a BSc in Physics.

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Based in Shanghai China, as General Manager Asia Pacific, Chris is responsible for business functions in the region. As Vice President Enterprise Architecture, Chris has global responsibility for the Enterprise Architecture (EA) activities at The Open Group including the TOGAF® standard and ArchiMate® modeling language.

Chris is also an Enterprise Architect and has held various leadership roles throughout his career, including implementing and managing EA practices, application development, information management, and technology operations teams.  He is CEO of the AEA (Association of Enterprise Architects).

Prior to joining The Open Group, Chris worked at American Express as Vice President for Strategy and Architecture for their Customer Servicing Capability.

Chris has deep expertise in Enterprise Architecture and, as Member representative and Chair of the Architecture Forum, he was instrumental in driving the successful development and launch of TOGAF® 9 from 2007-2009.

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Paul is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer for Industrial sector clients in IBM Global Services, responsible for Technology Strategy & Industry Architectures for Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Oil & Gas, Electronics, Industrial Products and Construction industries - anywhere you find Engineering basically!

Practised CIO Advisor & passionate Enterprise Architect with substantial end-user experience and knowledge, having worked as Chief Architect in UK Post Office and Royal Mail, establishing EA practices and then living with the results! 

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Heidi Karlsson is the Director, Open Footprint Forum at The Open Group.  Heidi is an Environmental Facilitator with a background in Clean Energy Transition and Strategy, ESG, Sustainability, Animal Welfare, Open Source Technology, Standards Development, Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions, Archeological Fieldwork and Conservation treks to more than 30 nations.  In addition to living and working in Mexico, France, Sweden, England, Japan and in the Caribbean, Heidi’s international experience includes providing environmental sustainability consulting services, facilitating collaboration to achieve consensus, managing and influencing cross-functional teams. Heidi earned her Master of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution, Environmental and Cultural Heritage from Southern Methodist University and her BA degree in the Social Sciences from Michigan State University.

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Sammy Lakshmanan is a Principal focusing on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at PwC. He has more than 20 years of experience working at the cross-section of sustainability and technology, co-developing and operationalizing digital transformations that support companies’ sustainability strategies and performance. Sammy has worked across all major industry sectors, including energy and oil & gas, developing and implementing digital strategies and roadmaps that support our client’s most pressing challenges such as the low carbon economy transition, business resilience and increasingly the disclosure of material ESG issues and value-creation opportunities associated with their investments. Of importance, Sammy has been involved in the global implementation of environmental data management systems (especially for GHG calculations) for the largest companies in the world in the oil & gas, technology, mining and other sectors.

Sammy is interested in the position to foster more collaboration and bring together leading capabilities and innovative ideas of all participating organizations and individuals to achieve objectives. This is critical in order to develop and promote open, common standards and frameworks that will enable collaboration across the supply chain and transparent reporting. The challenges the Open Footprint Forum is trying to address are the exact same challenges that clients seek Sammy’s help to solve. Sammy is a thought-leader in this space and regularly shares his insights through various professional organizations and industry associations, conferences and events. The combination of his technology background and subject matter expertise across environmental and sustainability issues provides a unique perspective and allows for a practical approach. He has a personal and organizational commitment to excellence (EHS&S stewardship, operational excellence) and the ability to help create transformational change in EHS culture and processes while engaging and inspiring people along the way.

Sammy has served as the Co-Chair of the Open Footprint Forum in 2021.

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Dan Meadows is the Head of EA and Requirements for the UK’s National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and has been responsible for introducing a new approach to managing the development of requirements for its future transformational change programmes founded on the TOGAF methodology and underpinned by the use of an Enterprise Architecture. He was previously responsible for the introduction of a similar approach as the Head of Requirements for the ~€4Bn NATO Missile Defence Programme and has almost 20years of experience in the aerospace, defence and security domains focused largely on systems engineering processes and the role of architectures and requirements in particular.

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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie has been working in the field of IT as a manager and an architect in several industries for over 20 years. He now works as an enterprise architect for BNP PARIBAS bank and divides his time between accompanying the bank’s transformation projects and working on the evolution of the ArchiMate standard within The Open Group.
Since 2013, Jean-Baptiste has been contributing to the development of the open source modelling tool, Archi.
Jean-Baptiste is also Chair of The Open Group's ArchiMate Forum.

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Executive Vice President, CTO, Master Architect, Capgemini Insights & Data global business line. Member of the Capgemini group Chief Technology, Innovation & Ventures council - AI Futures domain lead. Lead author of Capgemini’s TechnoVision trend series. Editor-in-chief of Capgemini’s’ Data-powered Innovation Review series. Co-author of numerous Capgemini Research Institute publications. Former member of The Open Group’s governing board. Executive lecturer at several business universities for innovation and technology-driven transformation.