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U.S. Air Force - FACE™ and SOSA™ TIM & Expo

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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7:00am to 3:00pm   Registration Check-in and pickup your name badge.
8:30am to 9:30am   General Session  
9:30am to 4:00pm   Exhibit Hall  Visit Exhibit Booths
      FACE & SOSA Sessions
9:45am to 10:10am  
SOSA Overview The Sensor Open System Architecture™ (SOSA) Consortium creates a common framework for transitioning sensor systems to an open systems architecture, based on key interfaces and open standards established by industry-government consensus. The SOSA approach establishes guidelines for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems. The objective is to allow flexibility in the selection and acquisition of sensors and subsystems that provide sensor data collection, processing, exploitation, communication, and related functions over the full life cycle of the C4ISR system. 
10:15am to 10:40am   FACE Business Working Group 
(BWG) Overview
The FACE Business Working Group (BWG) develops, implements, and communicates Industry-Government business practices and procedures to guide the implementation of FACE contracting, conformance approval practices, and registry and repository processes that incorporate the FACE vision and mission. The FACE Business strategy is described by the business policies and procedures for establishing and maintaining a marketplace of FACE conformant software components that can be integrated into multiple platforms. The BWG defines these business practices to communicate FACE Consortium goals to DoD and industry leaders and promote the use of the FACE approach in avionics developments, procurements, and upgrades.
10:45am to 11:10am   FACE Technical Working Group 
(TWG) Overview
The FACE Technical Working Group (TWG) is responsible for all FACE Consortium technical aspects. The charter of the TWG is to identify open standards where such exist, define standards that do not yet exist and provide guidance for using these standards to achieve portability of software-based capabilities across multiple avionics platforms. 
11:15am to 11:40am   FACE Data Interoperability Group 
(DIOG) Overview
The FACE Data Architecture Working Group (DAWG) is responsible for all FACE Data Architecture and Data Model aspects. The charter of the DAWG is to determine the elements of a Data Architecture, define those elements, identify applicable open standards where they exist, define standards where none exist, and provide guidance for using these standards to achieve interoperability at the data level. 
11:45am to 12:10pm   FACE Conformance 
(BWG) Overview
The FACE Conformance Subcommittee charter is to: 
1. Define and sustain the FACE Conformance Program to include a set of plans, policies, and procedures, defining the roles and responsibilities of participants, for certifying software products submitted for FACE Conformance Certification. 
2. Provide outreach, education, and guidance regarding the FACE Conformance Program to participants and other interested parties.


TIM Papers
 TIM Paper Presentations (25-minutes each) - TBA
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