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Ravindra Balija's picture

Ravindra Balija, Wipro, leads the Cloud Transformation Charter for Benelux, Nordics and Germany to help the customers in modernizing and migrating the applications to run on public cloud.  Ravindra has over 25 years of experience in Solution Architecture and Enterprise Architecture and has worked predominantly with the Energy and Utilities customers.  As a member of the Open Footprint™ Forum, Ravindra has contributed to the architecture, converting the data model to the schemas definition as required for the platform. As part of leading the sub-team, his focus was on reviewing different industry sectors, what information and data is reported and has fed that to the data model team in order for the data model to be flexible and extensible.

Sumouli Bhattacharjee's picture

Sumouli Bhattacharjee is a Partner in Digital Services at ERM, the largest pure sustainability consulting organization in the world. He has more than 17 years of experience working on business and digital transformations, supply chain transformation and sustainability. He has worked extensively on developing digital strategy, deployment and operationalization of digital transformation initiatives to support clients’ sustainability goals and performance. Sumouli has worked across all major industry sectors (e.g., oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and retail, telecom, finance and banking, food & beverage, energy, technology, and mining) developing and implementing digital strategies that address his clients’ most pressing challenges of low carbon economy transition, business resilience and increasingly the disclosure of material ESG issues and value-creation opportunities with their investments. Sumouli has helped organizations with innovative solutions to meet common sustainability objectives while facilitating discussions between leading companies and experts around the world in their journey to integrate sustainability with operations in order to make material impact on climate change.
Sumouli has MBA in Operations and Systems, Economics, and Finance, B.Sc. in Physics. He also studied Environmental Science.  

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Jacques Buith is the Global Lead Client Service Partner for the United Nations, responsible for growing Deloitte’s business and overseeing the quality delivery of all services provided to the agencies of the United Nations and Geneva-based NGOs such as the International Red Cross, Medecines sans Frontieres and the Global Fund. In his leadership capacity he assists the United Nations executive leadership with some of the largest challenges at both headquarter and field operations. In addition, Jacques was a Project Advisory to the World Economic Forum on their ‘ Risk and responsibility in a Hyper connected world’ Initiative for several years.

Jacques is a senior partner at Deloitte with more than 27 years’ experiencing in advising global clients. In addition to his client-facing role, he serves as the Managing Partner Risk Advisory for Deloitte North-West Europe responsible for setting Deloitte’s regional vision, strategy, development and execution of transformational client, industry and priority market plans for the Risk Advisory practice.

Education and certifications: Bsc. Economics, Msc. IT Auditing

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Liz is a passionate technologist with 12 years of experience pioneering novel technological approaches to solve pressing Energy challenges. Liz has deep domain experience in geology, geophysics, solutions architecture, and biotechnology including subsurface genomics and applied microbiology. She has demonstrated success working in roles of increasing complexity and scale spanning unconventional, deep water, and new energy applications globally. Liz holds a BS in geology from the University of Alaska Anchorage and an MS and PhD in geoscience from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she researched geomicrobiology on modern and ancient Earth as part of the NASA Astrobiology Institute. Liz’s passions include building things, solving problems, and stubbornly refusing to believe things are “hard”.

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Javier Espinoza, VP of Engineering, Data Gumbo, currently leads the architecture team supporting GumboNet. Javier has over 20 years of experience in the software industry, leading software development teams in different industry verticals such as telecommunication, energy, and banking.

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William Fox currently serves as Chief Product Officer for Data Gumbo.  Prior to Data Gumbo he was Director of Operations for Aker Solutions Drilling Technology (later MHWirth) and managed key aspects of the NOVOS open architecture controls project for National Oilwell Varco. William was a commissioned officer in US Army (2005-2010) where he held command positions in South Korea and Bagdad.  He holds a BA in History from Washington and Lee.  He leads product strategy and design for Data Gumbo’s enterprise-grade  blockchain platform. 

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Merlyn Gregory is a Global Account Manager at Amazon Web Services working in the Energy Business Unit and is Amazon’s Focal Point for Open Footprint. Merlyn has 16 years of experience in strategy consulting within the energy sector and has advised over 300 businesses in the industry on growth, diversification and M&A. In 2016 she started her own expert network in the energy sector which went on to work for the world’s leading financial institutions. Following this success Merlyn was a nominee for the World Energy Council’s Female Executive of the year in 2019. Merlyn has an MBA from London Business School and in her spare time is a passionate sailor and trekker.

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Geert-Willem Haasjes is account CTO at IBM. With his technical leadership and expertise in oil & gas and new energies, he has created open hybrid cloud architectures to build sustainability platforms that have enduring impact to the client’s reimagined new normal. Geert-Willem has an Open Group Distinguished IT Architect certificate in defining architectures and holds a MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Twente, The Netherlands.

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Heidi Karlsson is the Director, Open Footprint Forum at The Open Group.  Heidi is an Environmental Facilitator with a background in Clean Energy Transition and Strategy, ESG, Sustainability, Animal Welfare, Open Source Technology, Standards Development, Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions, Archeological Fieldwork and Conservation treks to more than 30 nations.  In addition to living and working in Mexico, France, Sweden, England, Japan and in the Caribbean, Heidi’s international experience includes providing environmental sustainability consulting services, facilitating collaboration to achieve consensus, managing and influencing cross-functional teams. Heidi earned her Master of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution, Environmental and Cultural Heritage from Southern Methodist University and her BA degree in the Social Sciences from Michigan State University.

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Johan Krebbers has worked for a large number of years for Shell in many different roles. Some of these roles where: Working with many start-ups; Emerging technologies; Head of Architecture; Member of Digital COE Leadership team with focus at Digital Emerging Technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IOT, XR, etc.
Since 01/08/21 Johan works for Cognite (Norway), DNB (Malaysia) and is part of the team driving the OSDU Data Platform (OSDUFORUM.ORG) and Open Footprint developments.

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Sammy Lakshmanan is the Global Managing Partner of Digital Services at ERM, the largest pure sustainability consulting organization in the world. He has more than 20 years of experience working at the cross-section of sustainability and technology, co-developing and operationalizing digital transformations that support our clients’ sustainability strategies and performance. Sammy has worked across all major industry sectors (e.g., oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, finance, technology, food & beverage, and mining), developing and implementing digital strategies that support his clients’ most pressing challenges such as the low carbon economy transition, business resilience and increasingly the disclosure of material ESG issues and value-creation opportunities associated with their investments. Sammy has helped organizations by facilitating innovative solutions to common challenges and encouraging discussions between leading companies and experts around the world in their journey to operationalize sustainability.
Sammy has M.Sc. in Environmental Science & Engineering, B.S in Chemical Engineering and B.A. in Economics from Rice University. 

Sourabh Roy's picture

Sourabh Roy is Global Director with Infosys’s Energy business unit and is Infosys’s focal point for Open Footprint and OSDU™ consortiums. In his current role, Sourabh is responsible for leading Energy Transition and Digital Transformation initiatives for Infosys’s Energy (Oil and Gas) clients. Sourabh is also responsible for curating Infosys Energy’s partner ecosystem and co-developing energy transition specific solutions. With his close to two decades of Energy domain consulting, software development and program management experience, working across three continents, Sourabh brings in a global vision on IT business functioning, work culture and customer-experience focused strategies.

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Bhupinder Singh Chawla is a Program Manager, Infosys, based out of Mysore, India.  He leads digital transformation programs for oil and gas majors, and leads the Open Footprint UI development project.

Anna Stanley's picture

Anna Stanley is a Manager at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. She leads the Value Chain Carbon Transparency Pathfinder, which seeks to address the challenges surrounding Scope 3 emissions transparency. Prior to this, she was a Project Lead at SYSTEMIQ and spent several years at McKinsey & Company, advising on a range of topics with a sustainability focus. Anna graduated from the University of Cambridge with a MA (Hons) in History and Management Studies before going on to qualify and work as an intellectual property lawyer in the UK and Germany.

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Sonia van Ballaert has 25 years of international experience driving technology-led business transformation. She currently works as IBM Global Client Director for Shell. She is an IBM Distinguished Industry Leader for Chemicals, Petroleum and Industrial Products sectors, focused on new strategies and offerings around sustainability and energy transition. She is executive sponsor for the IBM Knowledge Partnership with the Energy Institute, and for IBMs sponsorship of Women in Mining (WIM100). She also serves as digital strategy mentor for European Women on Boards. Sonia started her career as management consultant at PwC and holds a Ph.D. in the humanities from the University of California, Berkeley. 

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Gommaar van Strien is an Enterprise Data Architect at Shell.  In his role he supports the Contracting & Procurement as well as the Safety, Environment and Carbon Management functions and is accountable for providing a consistent and complete data design across the relevant IT application portfolios. He has 10 years of experience as Data Architect and has worked in various parts of Shell's businesses. Before that, he worked at Accenture as a information management and analytics  consultants with major clients across  industries (Telco, Finance, Insurance and Retail). He has a passion for making data design look simple such that it can help people to acquire insights from available information and supports making data driven decisions. Gommaar has a background in Computational Science and has a Master's degree in Computer Science (MSc) and in Linguistics (MA), both from Utrecht University.

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Luca Venturini, a Senior Manager, Energy Strategy & Consulting, Accenture, is responsible for its energy transition / decarbonization offer for ICEG market (Italy, Central Europe, Greece). With more than 15 years of experience in strategic consulting firms, research think tanks, and innovative start ups. He has led several innovation projects for public institutions, energy firms, utilities, and industrial actors as well as internal innovation projects. Luca is passionate about Innovation, Energy and Sustainability. Luca supports first tier firms to face energy transition challenges, renewing business models, launching innovation engines and new ventures, adjusting carbon and cash flows footprint across regions.

Luca is an EMBA graduate from Kellogg/Recanati. He can leverage a unique network of innovators and relationships to help make real and concrete energy transition.