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The Open Group FACE™ and SOSA™ Consortia

Technical Interchange Virtual Meeting (TIM) AGENDA

Monday, September 21, 2020


All attendees must register for this TIM event to participate.

Presenters will be sent a separate Webex link for the session in which they are speaking.

Pacific Time (PT)Eastern Time (ET)Sessions
8:00 - 8:2011:00 - 11:20Webex Event #1



Welcome - Dr. Franco Gasperoni, CEO and Co-founder, AdaCore
8:20 - 8:4011:20 - 11:40Opening Remarks - Capt. Margaret Wilson, Program Manager, NAVAIR PMA-209
8:45 - 9:0511:45 - 12:05Webex Event #1 (or stay online)



Driving FACE™ & SOSA™ to the Edge
Presented by Fred Maymir-Ducharme, IBM
Webex Event #2



FACE Introduction (8 mins) – Christopher Crook, Sr. Software Analyst, PEO Aviation, U.S. Army


SOSA Introduction (8 mins) – Charles Patrick Collier, Sr. Open Systems Engineer, Aspen Consulting Group
9:10 - 9:3012:10 - 12:30Multi-Supplier FACE™ TSS Interoperability
Presented by Andre Odermatt, RTI
Zero Trust Security Approach for MOSA Systems
Presented by Leqi (Ken) Zhang, L3Harris Technologies
9:30 - 10:0512:30 - 1:05BREAKBREAK
10:10 - 10:301:10 - 1:30Webex Event #3


Buyers, Suppliers, and Integrators Oh My...
Presented by Leanne May, Collins Aerospace, Sean Mullholland, Tucson Embedded Systems and Bill Tanner, Tucson Embedded Systems
Webex Event #4


Architectural Approaches in Evolution of Emerging Technologies
Presented by Steve Price and Chris Edwards, US Army CCDC
10:35 - 10:551:35 - 1:55Application of FACE™ Data Modeling to Warfare System Design
Presented by Nathan Flinn, NAVAIR
Enabling High-Speed Connectivity in Modern Sensor Systems
Presented by Herb Van Deusen, WL Gore & Associates
11:00 - 11:202:00 - 2:20IMPACT in Action
Presented by Stephen Simi, TES-SAVi
SOSA™ Aligned Multi-Role RF High Performance & Embedded Compute (RF HPEC) System
Presented by Robert Normoyle, Herrick Technology Labs and Greg Maynard, Wolf Advanced Technology
11:25 - 11:452:25 - 2:45BREAKBREAK
11:50 - 12:102:50 - 3:10Webex Event #5


Just Enough Data Model
Presented by Chris Allport, Skayl
Webex Event #6


Polarimetric Imaging Using Open Standards/Interchangeable and Portable Software
Presented by Garrett Sargent, Psoas
12:15 - 12:353:15 - 3:35Advances in Applying a Model-Based Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) to Hardware and Software Verification and Conformance
Presented by Sean Mulholland and Ken Erikson, Tucson Embedded Systems
Applying the Transport Services Segment
Presented by Stephanie Burns, TSS SC
12:40 - 1:003:40 - 4:00Synergistic FACE™ and AADL Modeling to
Support Behavioral Analysis

Presented by Tyler Smith and Dr. James Bubba Davis, Adventium Labs
Transitioning to the SOSA™/ CMOSS Architecture
Presented by Nicholas Ortyl, QRC Technologies
1:05 - 1:304:05 - 4:30Webex Event #5 (or stay online)


Closing Remarks – Joe Carter, G-10 Tactical Branch Chief, PEO Aviation, U.S. Army
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